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Achterhagen 8
21436 Marschacht
OT Niedermarschacht


The location of the apartment is ideal for people interested in:

  • visiting the unique and picturesque regions along and

close to the Elbe River that are known as the "Marsch"
and the "Vierlande". These regions are characterized by
a vast low-lying green countryside. There is also a
charming heath area ("Heide") south of Lüneburg.

  • doing excursions to the nearby exciting cities like

e.g. Hamburg, Lüneburg, Bleckede, Lauenburg, Geesthacht and Winsen

  • going to the local natural parks („Schwarze Berge" and „Lüneburger Heide") or to the farm museum („Freilichtmuseum am Kiekeberg")

  • walking and cycling tours along the Elbe River

  • fishing, swimming and doing water sports

  • making business or working in this area

Local shops

  • There are two big supermarkets, a drug store, two banks and a Post Office in a 5 to 10-minutes-walking distance away from the apartment.

Photo gallery of the surroundings


- Flusslandschaft Elbe

- Elbe-Rad-Weg-Film

- Deutsche Storchenstraße

- Lüneburger Heide

For more information please visit the homepage of the community "Samtgemeinde Elbmarsch":

Ferienwohnung Elb-Marsch-Acht

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